Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Year, New Start.

14 Things for 2014...

Or more appropriately, If I Write It On The Internet, I'll Have To Do It.

So, I'm a week late in doing this. Sozzages and mash (yes, that has just happened). This little lady is jumping on the blog-train so that all of my friends, and possibly several other billion people who browse the web, can judge me. Ho hum, pig's bum.

I've been added into a group by a friend of mine called 14//2014, where we all share 14 things we wish to accomplish in 2014. Rather than create these unrelenting resolutions for ourselves, where we purely set ourselves up for failure after the first 3 weeks (do not fear, I am still doing them too), we are creating a bucket list of goals we wish to achieve before 2014 runs out.

And so, before I ramble further, here they are:

1. Complete all the technical challenges from 2013's Great British Bake Off.

I have realised something over the last couple of years; I SUCK at cooking. I need more time and patience to grow as a cooker, but I also want to have a skill in the kitchen. TA-DA, baking! So, in order to grow and become a better baker, I want to make (and document), all my attempts at the challenges.

2. Go vegetarian for 2014.

This is purely a challenge for myself. My sister did it, therefore I must do it too. Sibling rivalry?

3. Learn to knit.

I've been promised a hand-knitted scarf for the past forever, so now I'm going to do it for myself.

4. Go to a festival.

I'm putting no limit on what constitutes a festival - music, food, literary - just some kind of a festival.

5. See old friends.

I've bumped into a few old friends over the Christmas period, and we exchanged "we really must catch up soon", but can we really catch up?

6. Make my scarf parachute.

This is an odd one. I work for Lush, where we sell vintage/ethically sourced scarves. I have about 15 of them, and have wanted to sew them all together to make one giant parachute, then attach it to my bedroom ceiling, and that way I will feel like I'm sleeping in a fortress always.

7...Learn how to use a sewing machine.

Can't make a scarf parachute without knowing how to use a sewing machine.

8. Photograph more.

I keep forgetting what I've done.

9. Go to an LGBT Pride Event that isn't in Reading.

For a university assignment I researched where there will be Gay Pride events this summer, and it's given me the bug to see how other places celebrate being different. Plus, boyfriend-hunting.

10. Perform at an event that I haven't organised.

I sing, and arrange music nights. I want someone to book me to perform, not just myself.

11. Pimp out my Linkedin Page.

I apparently have good things I can put on there. Now I need to do it.

12. Cook dinner for my family.

I know I said I can't cook, but that doesn't mean I won't force myself to try. Then, if it's terrible, my family will have to lie and say it's good, as that's what families do.

13. Get a window box/my own plant area.

Always wanted one.

14. Don't kill wildlife within a month.

A special talent of mine.

And, because it is bad luck, one more...

15. Keep this blog going!

It'd be cheesy not to, right? Right guys?

So there we go, my lovely bucket list. My aim is to update this bi-weekly, so hopefully I might entertain some people with what goes on in my life. The least it'll do is give my friends ammunition for my 30th birthday.



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